About The Movement SA

The Movement SA was established in March 2020 as a feeding programme to help vulnerable people in the Cape Flats area who struggle to meet their most basic need; to have sufficient and nutritious food.

Our aim is to provide nutritional food to anyone who is hungry, whether they are struggling households or people who are homeless, sick or vulnerable. We believe that no hungry person should ever be turned away. We are especially focused on feeding vulnerable children who need sufficient food and nutrition to grow.

Meals and food parcels are distributed through various points which are run by our amazing group of volunteers who are involved in preparing and cooking food, transporting supplies to feeding points, and serving meals to thousands of people.

We at The Movement SA believe that we can only succeed in making a difference when we work together with community members and other organisations that support our mission.

Our Mission
To alleviate hunger within the Cape Flats.

Our Vision

A hunger-free society where everyone has access to nutritional food, because freedom from hunger and good nutrition are critical to the future economic, social and emotional health of our communities.

Our Values


Carry out all of our work with the greatest responsibility and accountability.


We treat all people with dignity and respect.


We strive to fix a systematic problem and empower our youth.

Champion Partnership:

We embrace continuous improvement and bold creativity through collaboration as we believe it to be the only way to end childhood hunger.